Podrum Šukac Family Winery

Wines with a tradition of
over 150 years


The winery which connects the past and present

Podrum Šukac, our family winery, lies just across the Danube from Novi Sad, cradled by the gentle foothills of Fruška gora, in the town of Sremska Kamenica. The wine-making tradition in our family has been passed down since 1854.

Almost two centuries ago, the Savić family planted our first vineyard and thus the story of our wine began. Six generations of passion, dedication and love of nature’s gifts, always hard at work to preserve the family tradition and continue in the steps of our forefathers.

All of our wine is made using the grapes from our own vineyards. We are always trying to improve on how we utilize this abundant natural resource. We are always shooting for the stars, keeping in touch with best practices of today, but never at the expense of the quality, values, and traditions we grew up with. After all, the process of maturing wine is one of time, experience, and patience and as we oversee it, we grow and mature alongside it.

Podrum Šukac winery, under the watchful eye of songbirds, boasts a choice of wines that include the Italian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rose. You will also find Bermet, a dessert wine typical of Fruška gora and Syrmia.

To make the experience more complete, we are currently building a tasting room in a typical Vojvodinian style. There, we will be able to enjoy the finest that nature and life have to offer: great wine, good company, kind words, and sometimes – why not – a bit of song.